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The FT, Economists gloomy on UK prospects for 2017


The Guardian, Weak UK productivity spurs warnings of living standards squeeze


The Times, Robots march on 'safe' jobs of middle class


The Guardian, Employment is high, skills are in demand, so why isn't pay rising 


The Guardian, Government accused of ignoring workers' plight as UK faces pay squeeze


The FT, UK employment hits record high but productivity falls


The Guardian, UK employment growth driven by foreign nationals, figures show


The Guardian, UK labour market shows signs of slowing


The Guardian, The UK's pay squeeze breaks all sorts or records 


The Guardian, Unemployment is at its lowest since 1975, but people feel worse off


The Times, Productivity puzzle gets tougher as output slumps after Brexit vote


Telegraph,Why changes to how we work mean the 'bad old days' of strikes may be gone


The Guardian, UK households 'at breaking point' as real wages continues to fall  


The FT, Pay squeeze continues for British workers


The Guardian, Agency staff collectively underpaid £400 million a year, charity claims


The Guardian, Fall in employment rate spells end of UK jobs boom 


The Guardian, The UK jobs engine isn't working any more


The Times, Recruiters fear Britain is running out of workers





The FT, Membership of reformed EU seen as vital to economic security


The FT, Economic Rebalancing in UK remains elusive 


The Guardian, UK unemployment falls but wage growth weakens 


The Independent, One in ten UK workers are not British, statistics show 


The Guardian, Number of EU workers in Britain remains above 2m 


The Telegraph, UK employment hits another record as wages climb 


Daily Mail, Graduates accepting jobs in coffee shops or call centres 


The Independent, One in six British workers ‘overeducated for their job’


The Guardian, One in three UK workers are in the wrong job, ONS figures claim 


The FT, The secretary has become an endangered species


The Guardian, Flexibility is the new injustice inflicted on the working class


The FT, UK households face freeze in living standards as inflation rises


The Guardian, Britain’s new chancellor hasn’t had the baptism of fire many predicted


The FT, Inflation and what it means for your finances 


The Telegraph, Annual leave is at highest since 2007 


The Guardian, UK wage growth slows as employment rises 


The Guardian, Pre-referendum surge brings big rise in number of EU workers in UK


The Guardian, More than 900,000 UK workers now on zero hours contracts


The Telegraph, UK jobs market shakes off Brexit fears as employment hits fresh high 















The FT, UK pay rises at fastest pace for six years


The FT, Osborne bets on higher pay and consumer spending


The Express, Cameron hails jobs miracle


The Guardian, UK productivity growth is weakest since second world war


The FT, UK government outsourcing raises questions over pay


The FT, UK unemployment rate reaches record high


The FT, Labour’s zero hours clampdown highlights lack of data


The FT, Employment rises to fresh high


Daily Mail, Jobs joy


The FT, UK unemployment plummets to six and a half year low


The FT, UK workers pay up by nearly 2% in biggest rise since financial crisie


The Guardian, Living wage campaigners cannot put down their placards


The Guardian, UK wages growth at six year high, Carney talks interest rates


The FT, UK wages rise at fastest rate since financial crisie


The FT, Unemployment at lowest level for seven years


The Guardian, UK unemployment rises as most new jobs go to citizens of other EU states


The Guardian, Number of workers on zero hours contracts up by 19%


The FT, Rises in both wages and unemployment puzzles economists


The Telegraph, Will you benefit from increases in the minimum wage?


The Guardian, British pay growth slows but labour market remains healthy


The Guardian, UK pay growth slows to 2%




September - December

Daily Mail, Britain is a nation of shop assistants


The Herald, Low skilled jobs figures revealed


Daily Star, Cleaning and shop jobs most common


Daily Star, Britain has become a nation of cleaners


The Guardian, UK unemployment falls to lowest level since 2008 financial crisis


The FT, Wage growth finally outstrips inflation


Daily Mail, Record number of people in work


The Guardian, Unemployment: what the economists say


The FT, Average weekly wages rise £1 in a year


The Telegraph, Job market growth to support rise in living standards in 2015


The Times, Axed staff rehired by councils in £5bn spending spree



The Sunday Times, The long march to higher pay


The FT, Voting yes is path to full employment, says SNP


The FT, UK wages fall for first time since 2009


The Guardian, Shock fall in UK wages is first since 2009


Daily Mail, Unemployment total falls to 2.08 million


The Mirror, Delusional IDS claims we are all better off but figures disagree


The Telegraph, Wage growth in shock collapse as unemployment continues to fall





The FT, Surge in people mixing employment with their own business


The FT, More people self-employed long-term, ONS finds


The FT, UK employment rate back at record high


The Guardian, Unemployment figures, what the economists say


The Times, Employment rises to record high but wages fail to keep pace


The Guardian, Would Carlos Slim's three-day working week actually be workable


The FT, Number of home workers in UK rises to 4.2 million


The Express, Record number now work from home


The FT, UK employment rises at record pace


The Guardian, UK unemployment, what the economists say


The Times, Jobs recovery soars but pay doesn't as the economy recovers


The Times, UK unemployment falls to five year low but pay growth slows


The Telegraph, UK unemployment falls to five year low but wage growth slows


Daily Mail, Record rise in people at work


The Telegraph, The forgotten army of over 50s women




The Times, Sharp rise in sick days taken for mental illness


The Sunday Times, A nation of bosses, not shopkeepers


The Telegraph, Employees on zero-hours contracts hits 1.4 million


The FT, ONS survey reveals scale of zero-hours contracts


The Times, Capital gains as jobs growth powers ahead in England


The Telegraph, Unemployment falls to 6.9%


The FT, UK productivity shows 'signs of life'


Daily Mail, Self-employed set to outstrip state staff by 2018


The FT, UK unemployment holds steady at 7.2% 


The Sunday Times, Pay and productivity are both due a rise


The Telegraph, Six year 'maternity breaks': your'e having a laugh?


The FT, Underemployment and pay in focus ahead of UK jobs data


The FT, UK unemployment rises unexpectedly to 7.2%


The Telegraph, 'Mini-jobs' signal restructuring of the way we work


The Guardian, Jobless total in Britain drops to 2.34 million in latest quarter


The Times, Women at work in record numbers


The Guardian, UK productivity gap with developed nations now widest for 20 years


The Herald, Stress absence increases as number of general sick days fall in past 20 years


The Guardian, Sickness absence tumbles by more than 25% since 1993


Daily Mail, Briton's take 131 million sick days in a year





The Sunday Times, Looking for a pay, productivity and investment boost


The FT, Recruiters' net fees rise in the UK as confidence gets back to work


Daily Mail, Record rise in people in work puts Britain on course for rise in interest rates


The Independent, Fall in jobless total is second biggest on record renewing speculation about rise in interest rates


The Telegraph, UK unemployment drops to 7.1%


The FT, Skills shortage threatens to curb recovery, says watchdog






DecemberBritain's economic recovery failing to boost graduate job prospects
The Guardian, Self-employed workers' earnings slump by almost a third


The FT, Autumn Statement 2013: NIC reforms for under=21s criticised
The Guardian, City issues interest rate warning as unemployment drops to 7.4%
The FT, UK workers face 'year of slim pickings'
The FT, UK unemployed miss out on jobs recovery
The Guardian, Unemployment fall masks plight of over-50s
The Independent, The underemployment crisis - nearly half of recent graduates work in jobs that don't require a degree
The FT, Half of recent graduates are in non-graduate jobs
The Guardian, Half of recent UK graduates stuck in non-graduate jobs, says the ONS
The Telegraph, Almost half of university leavers take non-graduate jobs
Daily Mail, Half of recent graduates are 'underemployed'
The FT, 'Neets' figures fall to a nine month low amid concern for the future
The FT, London needs higher minimum wage says report


The Guardian, UK unemployment data, 0.7% pay rise dwarfed by inflation


Daily Mail, Public sector pay falls for first time in 12 years but it's still higher than private sector




The Telegraph, Mark Carney keeps an eagle eye on jobless


The FT, Estate agents lead way in UK job growth


The Telegraph, Strong jobs market helped by rising house prices


The FT, Skilled tradesmen in decline amid rise of the managers


The Telegraph, Britain's fastest growing jobs


The FT, Data show yawning productivity gap between UK and G7 peers


The Guardian, Productivity gap between UK and other G7 nations widens to largest in 20 years


The FT, Progress on female employment slows and may be stalling


The Guardian, UK women remain concentrated in lower paid work, figures show

The Telegraph, Productivity rise boosts recovery hopes


The FT, Interns keep working at BofA after colleague's death


The FT, After the crash: work, men and women


The Guardian, UK banks defer bonuses and beat top rate tax


The FT, Out of work benefit claims fall at fastest pace for three years


The FT, Economist's report claims women fared better in downturn

The Telegraph, Women 'fared better than men' since recession

The Huffington Post,  Employment through recruitment agencies at a six month high


The FT, Data confirm jobs recovery has stalled

The Telegraph, Number of stay at home mothers drop as more women seek work



The FT, Thatcher's quest left 'lasting scar' on economy

The Independent, Unemployment up as stay at home mothers head back to work

The Telegraph, Public sector pay growth outstrips private sector

The Express, Full pain of public sector job cuts still to be felt

Evening Standard, Government to speed up public sector job cuts

The Scotsman, Public sector job cuts, full pain still to be felt 

The Birmingham Post, Public sector job cuts to quicken

Manchester Evening News, Public sector jobs

Liverpool Echo, Public sector job cuts to quicken


The FT, Public sector share of jobs to plunge

The FT, Budget 2013: experts decry flagship business measure

The FT, A pragmatic kind of obsession


The FT, UK productivity shows further decline

The Huffington Post ,UK saw employment rise and jobs boom in 2012, says study


Evening Standard, Recession? What recession? Study shows UK saw jobs ‘boom’ in 2012

The Guardian, Cyprus crisis gives George Osborne the political cover he needs

The Times, Capital gains as jobs growth powers ahead in England

The Times, Slow growth in pay threatens hope of consumer led recovery

The Telegraph, Record employment masks shock rise in youth unemployment

The Telegraph, Budget 2013: Osborne must cut taxes, economists say

Daily Mail, It's a record - 24 million now working in public sector




The Times, Not all good news: Growing employment may disguise a less competitive economy


The Times, Immigrants take 75% of all jobs created over last 15 years

The Independent, Unemployment falls  to a near two year low as figures show huge increase in employment


The Daily Mail, Number of people in employment hits record level with almost 30 million in work - but the squeeze on wages continues


The FT, Jobs creation grows but wages suffer


The Telegraph, One in seven workers made redundant since recession


The FT, Brian Groom, Employers less likely to shed workers


BBC News, UK unemployment total falls to 2.5m


The Huffington Post, Redundancy figures show one In seven Brits has lost their job since 2008,

men worse hit over five years



The Guardian, ​Fall in productivity takes shine off UK employment figures

The Guardian, We need employment statistics that confront political spin

The FT, 'Zombies' seen to hold back economy

The GuardianUK unemployment: what the experts say

The Telegraph, Unprecedented pay squeeze signals 'jobs without growth' economy

BBC News, UK unemployment total falls to 2.49 million

The Express, Britain's record 30m have a job

The Evening Standard, Self-employed could mask true unemployment, warns TUC


​The FT, Embattled British Workers Still Smiling






The Guardian, Workers face 'hard year of slog' in 2013

The Times, Insecurity reigns – it’s more of the same in 2013

The Telegraph, Britain's workforce heading for 'hard-slog year'

Morning Star, Con-Dem austerity to make 2013 Year of the Hard Slog


The FT, Slower Jobs Market Forecast for 2013 

BBC News, UK employment to reach 30 million, says CIPD

The FT, Unemployment Hits Record Levels

ITV News, After Speeding Like Bolt the Olympic Jobs Boost has Slowed

Daily Star, Biggest Jobless Fall in 10 Years

The FT, UK Recruitment Rates Show Strength

The FT, More People At Work in England and Wales

Sunday Sun, Eight Million Short of Work

Management Today, Is the Future More Jobs for Less Pay?

The Evening Standard, Eight Million Britons Short of Work, Says Leading Economist

The Telegraph, Eight Million Britons Short of Work, Says Philpott

International Business Times, Public Retail Sector Job Cuts Adding to UK Female Unemployment

The Times, Don't Let Your Budget Be Blown Off Track

The Independent, Budget Watchdog Forecasts Further Public Sector Jobs Cuts


Channel 4, Underemployment Rises to Affect One in Ten Worker


Daily Mail, Three Million Now Underemployed 


The Times, Part-Time Workers Push For Longer Hours


The FT, One in Ten Workers Now Unemployed


The Standard, The Rise and Rise of Underemployment


The FT,  Jobs Preservation Key in UK Downturn


The Independent, Working But Not For Long Enough


The Telegraph, Number of Underemployed Workers Jumps: Reaction


The Telegraph​, Young Jobless 'Scar' Starts to Heal as More Begin Work


The FT, Public Sector Pay Outpaces Private


The FT, Employment Set to Continue Growing


The FT, Youth Employment Falls 





The Guardian, Employment Rises to Suprise Record High



Channel 4, Employment Rises to Suprise Record High



The Sun, Employment Soars by 212000 to Record High


Personnel Today, Labour Market Data: Mini Jobs Maximum Confusion


Selected Archive Press

The Times, The data says employment is up, but is the data right?


The FT, ​UK bonuses rise as bankers’ payouts fall


The FT, Suprise Fall in Unemployment


The FT, UK: A Disuniting Kingdom


The FT, 'Madonna Generation' in Vogue at work


The FT, Business Warned Over Lack of Workplace Trust

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